Why Your Facility Need Cleanroom Cleaning Services Near Bakersfield, CA

Why Your Facility Need Cleanroom Cleaning Services Near Bakersfield, CA
Customized Custodial Services is your dedicated cleaning company providing cleanroom cleaning services in the Bakersfield, CA area. We understand that research and development cleanrooms must maintain the sanctity of their cleanrooms. Not following clean protocol can result in catastrophic cross contamination or incorrect results.

When the success of a patient or new product is on the line, it pays to ensure your cleanroom is cleaned. Moreover, it must also be disinfected and sanitized properly to safeguard against outside contaminants.

You’ve dedicated resources and time to outfit your cleanroom with the best equipment and materials. Obviously, you want to ensure that you maintain an extraordinarily clean environment so that your clean room can perform optimally. And our cleanroom cleaning services near Bakersfield consider all the factors related to cleanroom cleaning. We understand that properly cleaning your cleanroom will ensure improved efficiency and longevity.

How Often Should You Use Cleanroom Cleaning Services Bakersfield, CA?

To ensure efficient operation, all cleanrooms require continual maintenance. As such, cleanrooms should be cleaned according to a regular schedule, daily and weekly tasks. However, industry standards vary depending on the cleanroom’s use.

For example, labs or pharmaceutical cleanrooms don’t have the same functions or standards as manufacturing cleanrooms. Given these points, your industry will dictate the specific cleanliness standard, layout, and ISO rating. Thus, the procedure and cleaning schedule will also be different.

For lower class ratings cleanrooms, there’s less threat of smaller particle sizes or certain contaminates. However, regular cleaning to maintain efficiency and standards are still required.

Conversely, cleanrooms with higher ISO ratings must be kept at much higher levels of sanitation. This is to reduce the chance of contaminants and minuscule particles.

Prevention Is Critical

In addition to cleanroom cleaning services such as Customized Custodial Services near Bakersfields, prevention is key. Therefore, it’s critical that you follow proper sanitation techniques before entering a cleanroom. For example, use sterile and not powered gloves. Dry hands completely and follow proper gowning procedure for your ISO class. Additionally, all employees should wear garments and use tools that fit them.

Ideally, we would prevent contamination by introducing zero contaminants into the cleanroom environment. Obviously, this is near impossible. Consequently, regular cleanroom cleaning services and maintenance is vital.

What To Know About Cleaning Your Cleanroom

Unfortunately, even if you follow a regular cleaning schedule, contaminants can still infiltrate your cleanroom. Cleaning these types of rooms is about more than just protocol. In fact, it also relies on your regular performance checks, people, and products.

Given these points, improperly sterilized products are ill-suited for cleanroom use and can be a cause of contamination. While our cleanroom cleaning services near Bakersfield is critical, you still need to do your part. For instance, use distilled and deionized water for mopping and wiping surfaces after each shift. Solvents and chemicals must be non-ionic and neutral, and non foaming to avoid buildup on surfaces over time.

However, high ISO class cleanrooms require more stringent protocols and products. For example, ISO level 5-7 require disinfectants to be sterilized before use. This adds an additional level of protection to the cleanroom by avoiding contaminants.

There are many of protocols, product usage and staff training procedures that cleanrooms must follow. Learn more about what you can expect from our sanitizing and cleaning services for cleanrooms. Or to get a free quote and walkthrough, contact us today at Customized Custodial Services in Bakersfield, CA.

Why Your Facility Need Cleanroom Cleaning Services Near Bakersfield, CA