Special Considerations For Cleaning An Open Office Environment

Special Considerations For Cleaning An Open Office Environment
Cleaning an open office environment is not as simple as it may sound. There are many office setups that require commercial cleaning services in to be clean effectively. For instance, when cleaning an open office environment, you must consider different types of furniture.

Other considerations include semi-open cubicles, closed spaces with doors, and combinations of many setups. As such, all office types should not be treated equally when it comes to an effective cleaning protocol.

Nowadays, more offices are embracing open office layouts with minimal interior walls. These spaces also have communal style bench seating to encourage spontaneous brainstorming. At first glance, such spaces appear to require less cleaning than traditional office setups. But they require more frequent cleaning than regular offices.

Out of all the types of office setups, open offices present the greatest opportunity for the spread of bacteria and germs. In this article, we’ll discuss what an open office is. And some unique elements to consider when creating a thorough cleaning protocol.

Considerations For Cleaning An Open office Environment

First, let’s talk about what an open office is. In general, they have bench seating rather than cubicles with low walls. Fewer private offices and minimal interior walls. They also feature a selection of meeting rooms that employees may choose to work from. Additionally, many such workstation designs do not have assigned seating.

Consequently, more employees can be assigned to a single area with open offices compared an area with cubicles. Fostering cooperation, collaboration, creativity, along with a better sense of community is achieve with open offices.

While an open office plan have several advantages, there are many considerations for cleaning an open office environment. For instance, they require a higher level of maintenance and more frequent cleaning.

Let’s go into more detail of these considerations.


With an open office setup, there’s an increased number of staff and additional areas they utilize. This creates a challenge that impacts the creation of a cleaning plan. Not only are co-workers collaborating more, but they are also socializing more frequently. Moreover, they share facilities and technology, thereby facing more hygienic risks than before.

  Increased Number Of Employees

While there’s more efficient use of space, there’s also additional employees and the common use of desk sharing. Additional workers in shared spaces with fewer barriers, creates more high-touch points. As such, more opportunities for bacteria and germs to be present. Thus, increasing the spread of germs. For this reason, the proper cleaning service and products must be used to keep workspaces clean.

  Fewer Barriers

In an open office, employee workstations are located together rather than in individual cubicles or private offices. Removing barriers improves teamwork, but it also reduces the number of obstacles germs and bacteria have to get through to spread. Co-workers are in close proximity to each other and touching the same objects. Therefore, it provides an easy route of transmission for viruses.

  Increased Traffic

Obviously, there’s an increase in traffic with a larger population and more interactions between employees. Thus, more traffic is created at entry points, bathrooms, break rooms, and common areas. Increased traffic also means more dirt and germs on carpeted areas, which would require more routine cleanings.

The CDC recommends properly disinfecting and cleaning an open office environment to prevent the spread of germs.With this in mind,Customized Custodial Services provides a variety of services tailored to any size and type of office. Schedule your free consultation or walkthrough today by filling out our contact form here.

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Special Considerations For Cleaning An Open Office Environment