5 Ways To Organize Your Workspace and Stay Productive

5 Ways To Organize Your Workspace and Stay Productive
When you organize your workspace, the challenges of dealing with clutter dissipates. Clutter not only makes it difficult to find things, but also get things done. Furthermore, clutter makes it difficult to live and work in an orderly and efficient manner. When you spend time looking for important documents, you become stressed. As a result, negative energy builds which effect your productivity, and thus the company’s bottom line.

While not always obvious, clutter has an affect on our mental clarity. It drains our mental and physical energy, as well as preventing us from thinking clearly. With this in mind, Customized Custodial Services is here to help you organize your workspace.

Below you’ll find 5 helpful office organizing tips for a clutter-free environment. They will also help you feel better while boosting your productivity.

1. Sort Everything On Your Desk

Prioritization is the requisite for maintaining a clean and organized office. What will be helpful is adding a schedule to your calendar. This helps you to avoid forgetting or pushing it to a different day. Because no one actually wants to work on daunting tasks. For this reason, schedule a specific date and time to organize your workspace. And you’ll more like get started and be successful.

First, take stock of all items on your desk and in your desk drawers. Next, identify items you no longer need and toss them. Considering the last time you used an item helps you realize its usefulness. If it’s been over six months, chances are you won’t miss it.

For items that are rarely used, but are must-keeps, store them in an area away from your workspace. After all, you don’t need such items wasting prime real estate desk space. This is one of the office organizing tips that will help you feel less overwhelmed. And you’ll have extra energy to conquer important daily tasks.

2. Consider Going Digital

Due to the pandemic, many companies were forced to rethink the best ways to operate. Remote work is continuing to rise as more people are getting comfortable working in digital environments.

Given these points, there’s no reason to have paperwork piling up on your desk. Besides, paper documents have a negative impact on our environment. They also contribute to the challenging task of maintaining and organizing your workspace.

As office organizing tips go, there are plenty of affordable digital solutions capable of handling business related tasks. Many of today’s applications allow you to collaborate, copy and save files to your drive. Implementing new systems can be challenging at first. However, once you’re comfortable going paperless, you’ll never look back.

3. Use Desk Organizers

If you find that it’s difficult to locate things on your desk, then it’s time to get an organizer. In general, there are numerous types of organizers to fit your specific needs. For instance, some organizers provide space for pens, sticky notes, and books, among other office supplies. There may be times when paper files are necessary. In this case, use organizers that include file holders to keep paper and folders in one place.

4. Stop Eating At Your Desk

Out of all the cleaning and office organizing tips out there, this one is the most difficult for people. For the most part, this is due to hectic workloads. Consequently, people take lunch breaks at their desk to save time.

Eating at your desk not only contributes to a messy desk, but it also makes your meal less enjoyable. Not to mention inviting unwanted pests to your space. One of the best cleaning and organizing office tips is never store food items in filing cabinet.

Give yourself a mental break by stepping away from your desk to enjoy meals and snacks. By doing so, you’ll find it much easier to organize your workspace.

5. Reassess Frequently

As with anything that requires maintenance, a clutter-free desk requires regular upkeep. In addition to scanning your desk frequently to ensure everything that’s there should be there, sort your papers daily. Make a habit of straightening up your desk at the end of each business day to ensure it remains organized.

As you keep your workspace clutter-free, you’ll also want to ensure your office is clean. Get in touch with our team for a free quote on office cleaning services.

5 Ways To Organize Your Workspace and Stay Productive