Commercial Office Cleaning vs. Janitorial Services

Commercial Office Cleaning vs. Janitorial Services
Did you know that your business could be a threat to everyone who steps inside?

The pandemic taught us a lot about the importance of commercial office cleaning. Not only does professional cleaners sanitize your workspace, but they make it safe for employees and visitors.

However, without commercial office cleaning, people entering your office are put at-risk. Still, people are confused about the differences between commercial office cleaning and janitorial services. Continue reading to discover what these differences are and how to make the best choice for your business.

What is Commercial Office Cleaning?

In general, commercial cleaning services specialize in more in-depth tasks that janitorial services don’t include. Commercial cleaners do things like cleaning windows and carpets. They also have access to professional-grade chemicals and equipment to sanitize and disinfect offices, including deep cleaning.

  Pros of Professional Cleaners

As shown above, one of the biggest benefits of commercial cleaning is the ability to complete complex cleaning tasks. If you need to clean office furniture, curtains, carpets, and windows, you need commercial cleaning services.

Furthermore, these commercial services are the efficient way to disinfect common areas and to deep clean offices. As we all know, COVID-19 highlighted how easy it is for one person to infect another. Particularly if the workspace is not sanitized and clean to begin with.

But now, you can hire commercial cleaners on an ‘as needed’ basis. This is unlike in-house janitorial services where you pay someone benefits and full salary. As a result, professional office cleaners give you a cleaner workspace at a fraction of the price.

Now that you know more about commercial cleaners, let’s move on to janitorial services.

About Janitorial Services

Generally speaking, janitorial services focus on simpler cleaning tasks. This include things like sweeping and mopping the floor, and general cleaning after a mess or spill. Another key difference is that janitors work on-site and are full-time employees.

This type of cleaning service is helpful in cleaning up before and after shifts. Conversely, professional cleaning services come in once per month or as needed. And they take care of cleaning needs that janitors are not equipped to handle.

  Pros of Janitorial Services

The pros of janitorial services is almost obvious. With a janitor on-site, you’ll always have a clean workspace. In fact, this is why janitors were essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. And believe it or not, a cleaner office makes your employees more productive and happier.

As previously mentioned, janitors are always on standby for emergencies. If there’s a spill or similar accidents, a janitor can clean things up before anyone gets hurt. This is important because workplace injuries can put your company at risk of litigation. Not to mention, causing bodily harm to your employees.

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Commercial Office Cleaning vs. Janitorial Services