Importance Of Professional Office Cleaning Services Bakersfield For COVID-19

Importance Of Professional Office Cleaning Services Bakersfield For COVID-19
In 2020, we all struggled through the effects of the pandemic; both people and businesses. If you’re back in the office, you know the importance of professional office cleaning services in Bakersfield for COVID-19. But knowing how to keep your staff healthy and safe post-pandemic is paramount.

The flu, coronavirus, and other viral diseases can quickly spread through the office. Thus, working in an office environment makes it difficult to maintain social distancing. Consequently, the chances of infection from contagious illness increases.

Professional office cleaning services in Bakersfield can reduce these risks and keep your staff safe. The products used by a commercial cleaning company are more effective and safer than those found in a general store.

Professional Office Cleaning Services in Bakersfield

Customized Custodial Services professional cleaners receive extensive training on how to operate special equipment. And they will not only mop the floors, but will also sanitize every corner of your office.

Still not sure how to keep your office clean and safe? Here’s what you should know about professional coronavirus cleaning and why it matters for your business!

COVID-19 and The Workplace

The coronavirus posed a number of challenges for the traditional workplace. And it still does today. To that end, it’s not always easy to maintain a safe distance at work. In addition to that, older employees with chronic diseases are more likely to get sick due to coronavirus. Also, employees with weak immune systems or diabetes are more susceptible to catching the flu or other contagious illness.

Many hospitals have warned us that people with lung diseases and chronic airway are at risk from coronavirus complications. Also, those with poorly controlled blood sugar are negatively affected as well.

But COVID-19 is not the only issue your company should worry about. In fact, other diseases such as influenza can be just as dangerous as the coronavirus. Additionally, office workers are exposed to viruses, bacteria, and other germs on a daily basis.

Having dealt with the 2020 pandemic, many companies are more enlightened regarding the health and safety of their workers. However, businesses still need to understand the importance of professional cleaning services available in Bakersfield. Because as business owners, you are responsible for the keeping your staff safe. And preventative measurers such as hiring professional cleaners, can have a positive impact on employees health.

Create a Safe & Healthy Work Environment

More than 17% of American workers are exposed to infection or disease at least monthly. And 10% are exposed to these risks at least weekly. Thus, regular sanitation and cleaning are vital for providing a healthy and safe work environment.

Although many Americans are being vaccinated, unless we all do our part, this won’t stop coronavirus infections. And as we discussed earlier, this is not the only pathogen that can affect employee heath. In addition to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, workers can also come in contact with E.Coli, the flu, and more. Consequently, these contagious viruses can spread in closed environments such as restaurants and offices.

Traditional cleaning products are not always effective against these pathogens. Plus, your janitor may be inexperienced in properly removing all harmful contaminants. This type of work requires special equipment. By using professional office cleaning services in Bakersfield, you can be assured that your workplace is cleaned and sanitized. Companies offering these services use commercial equipment and quality products. Additionally, their employees undergo specialized training and education.

Reduce Exposure To Harmful Chemicals

The ingredients in conventional cleaning products can often trigger or exacerbate allergies. As a result, they may cause respiratory problems and affect lung function. In fact, some chemicals are toxic to human health.

For example, all-purpose cleaners contain trisodium phosphate, ammonia, and other harmful chemicals. These substances can irritate the upper respiratory tract, eyes, and skin. And regular exposure or long-term use increases these risks.

Our professional office cleaning services in Bakersfield use green products that are safer for your employees. The experts at Customized Custodial Services use EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaning agents to destroy viruses and other pathogens.

Products we use not only meet the highest safety standards, but they are also environmentally friendly.

Improve The Indoor Air In Your Office

Our professional office cleaning services in Bakersfield not only destroy pathogens, but may also improve air quality. After all, you don’t want employees inhaling bacteria and viruses that circulate through office ventilation systems. Moreover, restricted circulated air may further increase the spread of germs. Even though windows can be opened to allow fresh air in, that’s not always an option. And the dust on furniture and carpets makes the situation worse.

A professional cleaning company will use commercial equipment to disinfect and vacuum desks and other items in your office. Additionally, they will remove all harmful contaminants from the air ducts. You’ll have improved air quality, better functioning HVAC system which equals healthier employees. Equally important, your energy costs will be less.

Stop The Spread of Infection

Providing a clean, safe, and healthy workspace is more important than ever before. If employees become sick amidst another pandemic, your business may have to shut down again. So, don’t take unnecessary risks. Use our professional office cleaning services in Bakersfield to keep your employees and business safe.

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