Professional School Cleaning Guide For 2022

Professional School Cleaning Guide For 2022
Within just a few short weeks, schools will be opening for the 2022 school year. And with a new year comes unique challenges, even the addition of a new viral threat. For this reason, Customized Custodial Services has assembled a professional school cleaning guide. This guide is packed with practical tips to help you prepare for a healthy and safe school year.

According to the CDC, proper ventilation is key when offering or professional school cleaning guide to reopening schools this autumn. Due to the nature of COVID-19, researchers are recommending rotating the air in classroom. By doing this you can notably lower your risk of spreading COVID-19.

Not only does a lower co2 level reduce risk of spreading disease, but it can also enhance classroom learning. In fact, the CDC recommends changing the air in classrooms at least 6 times per hour. This is also referred to as ACH or air changes per hour. So, that means your ventilation system should be able to replace the air in the room 6 times per hour.

Although the CDC has provided topics to address ventilation in schools, the concepts can be very technical. Instead, you may want to contact an HVAC company.

Professional School Cleaning Guide and Ventilation

You might be asking what your school can do to improve its ventilation process? Well, there are several things you can do. For example, if it’s nice weather out, you may be able to simply open windows and use fans. On the other hand, if it’s winter season, you’ll need an alternative method.

Professional School Cleaning Guide

Open Classroom Windows And Use A Box Fan

Did you know that by opening a window just 6 inches can drastically improve the ventilation of a room? And having two windows open will provide a cross flow and heighten the effect. Undoubtedly, your school’s janitorial closet has a few box fans. If not, these types of fans are easily available at many types of stores including Home Depot. Using a common 20 inch box fan to push the air out of the window will improve the room’s air circulation. In general, a typical 30 x 30 feet classroom can improve circulation by 12 ACH. Given that this is doubled the recommended ventilation, it’s even better.

Classroom Ventilation Using Floor Exhaust Fan

Use An Exhaust Fan

Most education centers are equipped with an exhaust fan. But you need to make sure they’re always running. Even bathrooms are commonly equipped with exhaust fans and they must also be operational. However, there are also exhaust fans for floors used mainly for drying floors. Consequently, using one to push the air out the door or window will increase circulation.

Professional School Cleaning Guide - Use Purifier

Portable Air Purifier For Classroom

In addition to using professional school guide, you can also use a portable air purifier. Particularly, when it’s bad weather and opening windows is not an option, the portable air filter is a good alternative. It’s a good idea to make sure the purifier is the correct size for the room and use it as directed. When purchasing a purifier, look for MERV 13 or higher filtration. Don’t forget to change out the filters often. And keep it in a central location in the classroom.

Optimize Your School’s Current HVAC System

  • Make sure the settings are on high circulating as much air as possible.
  • Check the outside vents to make sure they are clear of debris and overgrowth.
  • Begin running the air system 2 hours before and after the building is occupied.
  • Make sure your filters are clean and you are using the highest quality HVAC filters your system accepts. MERV 13 or higher is ideal. However, you should consult the manual to make sure its compatible.
  • Don’t be tempted to save money by keeping settings low or turning them off on a nice day. Because the health and safety of the staff and students outweigh additional electricity expense.

Looking For A Commercial School Cleaning Service?

At Customized Custodial Services, we offer professional school cleaning services and guides for all school levels. Our services are constantly enhanced to ensure a healthier and clean school environment. If you’re looking to upgrade your cleaning service, we could be the right fit!

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Professional School Cleaning Guide For 2022