Electrostatic Sprayers: Cleaning and Disinfection Benefits

Electrostatic Sprayers: Cleaning and Disinfection Benefits
Electrostatic sprayers have sparked a great deal of change in the commercial cleaning industry. Albeit, many businesses don’t know what electrostatic cleaning is, we’re always happy to explain how it can benefit their workplace.

If you’re wondering what electrostatic disinfection can do for your office, scroll down to discover the answers.

What Is Electrostatic Cleaning?

Electrostatic cleaning uses electrically charged particles to spray a surface. Professional cleaners use electrostatic sprayers to ensure the target surface receives an even coat of these particles. The sprayers apply a positive charge to liquid disinfectants as they pass through the nozzle.

Obviously, this is unlike the conventional spraying methods that involve spraying surfaces with various chemicals. The surface is then wiped down with a cloth. Thus, electrostatic cleaning is a safer and more efficient way.

Why Use Electrostatic Sprayers?

Previously, we mentioned that electrostatic disinfection requires the use of electrostatic sprayers. But what are these sprayers?

At first glance, these sprayers don’t seem to have special qualities. That’s because most models resemble spray guns you have seen cleaners use for years. However, the real magic of these sprayers in on the inside. Each sprayer is uniquely designed to store and distribute electrostatic particles on demand. Also, some cleaners prefer backpack sprayer designed that enables them to tackle even larger jobs.

How Electrostatic Disinfection Works

The term electrostatic disinfection doesn’t make much sense to some people, until it’s explained. Does electrostatic disinfection actually work? And how do these particles help clean surfaces?

The way it works is credited to the electrostatic sprayer design. The positively charged disinfectant flowing through the nozzle is attracted to negatively charged surfaces. In essence, the sprayers use an electrostatic applicator that helps give particles a negative charge as soon as they emerge.

This is important because each droplet that comes out will be repelled by other droplets. And this causes each droplet to seek out neutral surfaces; the target surface you want to disinfect.

Benefits Of Electrostatic Cleaning

While we’ve mentioned some of the benefits of electrostatic cleaning, they are not the only way cleaners cleanse and disinfect surfaces. With these points in mind, here are reasons to rely on electrostatic cleaning instead of traditional methods.

First, this form of cleaning is completely touch-free. After the COVID-19 pandemic scare, many people prefer a contactless cleaning solution.

Second, this method is efficient. Conventional cleaning methods always run the risk of the cleanser using too many chemicals. Thanks to the science of electrostatic cleaning, it doesn’t take much cleaning solution to cover an entire surface.

The third benefit is electrostatic cleaning is an efficient us of time. Thus everyone benefits when the job is done in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

The fourth benefit is the guaranteed cleaning and disinfecting more surfaces than traditional methods. Therefore, you shouldn’t settle for methods that don’t get the job done.

Finally, electrostatic cleaning can kill the COVID-19 viruses. And this is important to protect the health and safety of your employees/a>.

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