Commercial Cleaning Facility Service You Can Trust

Commercial Cleaning Facility Service You Can Trust
When deciding on commercial facility cleaning service you can trust, choose Customized Custodial Service in Bakersfield, CA. And we don’t just service Bakersfield, we also service neighboring cities.

In fact, customers highly appreciate our commercial facility cleaning service ethics. We prioritize building safety by addressing security concerns before we even quote the job! With this in mind, there are specific protocols to look for to minimize security concerns. Because we know clients expect cleaning companies to provide the top level service they promised.

Cleaning crews are are often in your space unattended. For this reason, you expect your property to be respected. Consequently, when hiring a commercial facility cleaning service, keep the following in mind.

Commercial Facility Cleaning Service Background Checks

Performing a background check is the bare minimum a client to do. It will provide some level of confidence that the cleaning service’s team are properly vetted. Obviously, a background check is intended to sift out people with less than honorable intentions. Keep in mind that the types of background checks can vary. For instance, criminal history, drug testing, driving records, and so on.

Intensive Training

The level of training will dictate the level of service you receive. For this reason, make sure you’re dealing with knowledgeable, skilled cleaners. In addition to the background checks, you can simply asking the cleaning company for references. They can also provide you with a detailed list of their credentials which you can verify.

Employee Uniforms

Commercial facility cleaning service companies generally have their crew wear uniforms. Not only does this look professional, but it also adds an extra level of confidence for customers. It also speaks to the care and respect the cleaning company have for its business.

Moreover, uniforms make it easier to differentiate cleaning teams from other people in your building. Not to mention, staff wearing uniforms are more conscious of their actions. Consequently, they’re more aware of what they do, as they represent the company and will be held accountable.

At Customized Custodial Services, we provide customized cleaning plans to fit any size of building in any industry. From office buildings to medical facilities and schools to airports, we’re committed to provided top level service.

You can be assured that we are a professionally operated company that’s licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition to being a stickler for quality service, we also place high importance on clients’ safety and comfort.

We understand that there’s more to commercial cleaning than just wiping desks and mopping floors. Additionally, our cleaners are thoroughly trained in the latest cleaning technologies and procedures.

Ready to book your facility’s cleaning appointment? Great! Let’s first schedule a walkthrough so we can also provide an estimate.

Commercial Cleaning Facility Service You Can Trust