5 Reasons Why Nighttime Commercial Building Cleaning Is Preferred

5 Reasons Why Nighttime Commercial Building Cleaning Is Preferred
Many businesses opt for professional cleaning services each month. It’s inevitable that when many people share an environment, it’s bound to get dirty often. But is nighttime commercial building cleaning preferred over daytime cleaning?

The good news is, there are benefits to both options. So, here are 5 advantages to using nighttime commercial building cleaning services.

No Disruption with Nighttime Commercial Building Cleaning Less Disruptions To Your Business

One of the simplest reasons for nighttime commercial building cleaning is less disruptions to your business. While there are businesses with full operations at night, most offices operate during the day.

And if commercial cleaning comes in at the same time as your employees, there’ll be many distractions. For example, the smell of the chemicals and noises of cleaning. These interruptions are bound to effect employee productivity and hence your company’s bottom line.

Safe Cleaning Environment A Safer Environment

Common commercial cleaning services involve process that are likely to kick up dirt like when they clean the carpets. If cleaning is performed during the daytime, the dirt is breathed in by employees. Given that millions of people are allergic to dust mites, breathing in this dirt could trigger their allergies.

In addition to that, professional cleaners rely on a variety of high-grade chemicals to get the job done. If used during the day, employees may breathe these chemicals in as they are not wearing protective gear like the cleaners. Thus, scheduling nighttime commercial building cleaning ensures you have a safe work environment for your employees.

Nighttime Commercial Building Cleaning Saves Time It Saves Time

Most business owners like to keep things simple. And that’s why they prioritize solutions that help to save time. Therefore, scheduling nighttime commercial building cleaning is actually ideal for saving time! Just as the cleaners may disrupt employees’ productivity, your employees may disrupt the cleaning crew’s productivity. The crew will constantly have to work around other people and even clear entire areas while they get to work.

And there’s a domino effect. The harder it is for the crew to get their job done, the longer that job will take. And the longer the crew takes to clean, the longer they will keep your employees from getting their own work done.

A Matter of Protective Gear

So why aren’t the professional cleaners at the same level of risk as daytime employees regarding chemicals and dust? Commercial cleaners wear personal protective equipment (PPE). This protects them from breathing in anything dangerous while they clean. It also protects them from making contact with any chemicals while cleaning.

Your employees don’t have the right PPE to protect themselves. Therefore, it’s easier to schedule commercial cleanings at night to keep your workforce safe.

Professional Office A More Professional Office

So far we’ve focused on your employees regarding reasons for nighttime cleaning. But it’s also important to do so because of your customers! Although a bit of a cliche, but you really never do get a second chance to make a great first impression. Whatever customers or clients sees when they walk through your doors is what they’ll remember when they think about your business.

Ultimately, even the most professional cleaning crews are going to be disruptive. They may make lots of noise, kick up dirt and dust, and spray chemicals in the air. As a result, people walking in while this is going on will think your business is completely chaotic. But with nighttime cleaning, you can enjoy the benefits of a sanitized and clean workplace while still looking completely professional.

Now you know why you should schedule commercial building cleaning services at night. But do you know which cleaning company you can trust with your business? Here at Customized Custodial Services, we specialize in creating safer workspaces without disrupting your business. To see how we can help protect you and your employees, contact us today!

5 Reasons Why Nighttime Commercial Building Cleaning Is Preferred