How Cleaning Services Help Reduce Building Maintenance Cost

How Cleaning Services Help Reduce Building Maintenance Cost
The best way to reduce building maintenance cost is to keep your office building in top shape. When you address potential issues quickly, you can prevent bigger problems from occurring.

The key people to check in with is the cleaning staff. If you ask them a few key questions, many risks and issues can be identified. Then, you can implement a proactive maintenance strategy to either avoid or reduce building maintenance cost.

How To Reduce Building Maintenance Cost?

When it comes to catching potential issues your building may have, here are 4 question to ask your cleaning staff.

Are The Ventilation Systems Working Properly?

In addition to creating a buildup of toxic carbon monoxide, blocked vents can create a fire hazard. And outdated or dusty vents causes lower air quality, thus increasing your energy costs.

Consequently, your cleaning service should notify you if blockage or buildup in vents occurs. If the maintenance staff regularly checks outdoor vents, they will know what’s creating a blockage. Additionally, they can change out air filters on a regular basis which also help reduce maintenance cost.

There are many benefits to routine maintenance checks. For example, lowering the number of expensive emergency interventions. Not to mention extending the life of your assets.

Any Signs of Pests?

Generally speaking, insects and rodents tend to leave evidence where they’ve made their home. Given these points, the cleaning crew can report any sightings of insects or rodent droppings immediately. And the sooner, the better, because where there’s one pest, there is usually more.

If pests are sighted, call an exterminator right away. After the area has been treated, sanitize all surfaces to remove any bacteria rodents may have left behind.

You should also seal all cracks, doors, and windows to prevent reoccurrence. Further, check outside of your building for entrance points. And don’t forget about landscaping as they could be hiding access to your building. By all means, remove garbage, water sources or shrubbery that act as a welcome sign to these unwanted guests.

Do You See Electrical Issues?

A fire will definitely not reduce your building maintenance cost. Warding off potential electrical and fire hazards can be as simple as routine building maintenance. Professional cleaning services can not only clean your outlets, but they can also inspect the panels and circuits. By doing this at least once a month, you can get ahead of malfunctioning equipment.

Damaged or frayed wires should be replaced immediately. And the maintenance staff should have tools for testing light switches and appliance outlets.

However, if you’re unsure of an electrical system issue, call an electrician for a professional inspection and repair. They will perform a thorough evaluation of the property and verify that electrical systems and components are functioning properly.

Check For Water Damage

To reduce building maintenance cost, water damage needs to be treated immediately. Not only for the health of your building, but also to prevent flooding and toxic mold growth. Thus, vulnerable areas should be surveyed on a regular basis for signs of water damage.

The following check list is useful when speaking with your cleaning crew regarding potential water damage. Have them report any issues immediately:

  • Water stains on ceilings or walls.
  • Pooling water on the roof.
  • Clogged drains or gutters.
  • Leaks in appliances and plumbing, including toilets, faucets, and sinks.
  • Malfunctioning water pipes, sewage or sump pumps.

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How Cleaning Services Help Reduce Building Maintenance Cost