How To Combat Allergies In The Workplace [Part 1]

How To Combat Allergies In The Workplace
Combating allergies in the workplace is a must-do if you want to have productive employees. An unclean office, especially during allergy season, can wreak havoc on those suffering with allergies.

Allergens and dust can aggravate asthma and cause sneezing, eye irritation, and wheezing. Consequently, the result impacts workplace productivity in addition to increase sick days. With allergies on the rise, it is not uncommon for employers to have members of their staff impacted by these reactions.

Employer Responsibilities Relating To Allergies In The Workplace

Being diligent about a clean office environment is essential to keeping clients, visitors, and staff healthy. Severe allergies that impede an employee’s ability to perform their job could meet the criteria for a disability. And that impacts the company’s bottom line.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the impact of allergens in your office.

Vacuum and Shampoo Carpets Frequently

Did you know that clutter and floors hold the most allergens and dust? So, ensure that your cleaning crew is vacuuming as often as possible. Commercial cleaning companies often use high quality vacuums that include HEPA filters. This prevents the redistribution of dust and debris.

Further, accumulated microorganisms, dust and debris, and stubborn stains thrive within your carpet. Therefore, a professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended.

Use Natural Cleaners

In an effort to combat allergies in the workplace, you can inadvertently use cleaning products that trigger allergy symptoms. For this reason, natural cleaning products should be used to avoid causing irritation.

Avoid cleaners that contain ingredients such as:

  • Sodium laurel sulphate
  • Triclosan
  • Ammonia
  • D-limonene
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Bleach
  • Formaldehyde

Declutter the Office

Just like we keep our homes tidy, especially the common areas, we must also tidy up similar office areas. If not, clutter can seemingly accumulate over night. And it won’t take long for it to look completely disorderly.

Not only does it take longer to clean around clutter, but it’s a magnet for dust. So, by reducing clutter in your office, cleaning becomes a less cumbersome process in addition to a dust-free space.

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