Liabilities and Risks When Cleaning Your Own Business

Liabilities and Risks When Cleaning Your Own Business
If you have a commercial space, there are many reasons why you should not try to clean your own business. After all, commercial cleaning is a service dedicated to keeping you and your work environment safe.

While most commercial businesses entrust cleaning to the professionals, some decide to assume the responsibility on their own. Whether the business is a warehouse or factory, cleaning your own business does include risks and liabilities.

Take a look at some of the liabilities and risks when cleaning your own business.

Failure To Meet Industry Cleaning Standards

Industry standards for keeping a commercial business clean and sanitary protect the health of all people in the workplace. Unfortunately, most general employees don’t know the industry standards for commercial cleaning. This doesn’t just lead to inferior outcomes, but can can also put your business at risk.

Something as simple as not correctly sanitizing hand-contact surfaces can encourage the spread of germs. And using the wrong products could lead to property damage.

Liability Insurance Requirements

Due to the nature of work, maintenance and janitorial employees experience some of the highest workplace injuries. When cleaning your own business, it means that you must also pay for essential liability insurance.

The more injuries or chance of injuries you have in the place of business, the higher this insurance becomes. Commercial cleaning companies carry their own liability insurance. So, if one of their team members or someone is directly injured, the cleaning company’s insurance offers coverage.

OSHA Compliance

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) creates the standards for providing a safe workplace in California. They require that businesses keep an established maintenance and cleaning schedule to ensure employees have a sanitary work environment. The legal framework set forth by OSHA can dictate many things. For instance, how a business should be sanitized to what products are used for cleaning. Unfortunately, failing to comply can mean significant fines and challenges that put your business at risk.

Cleaning Product Safety

Properly cleaning a business sometimes involves using dangerous chemicals that can pose a threat when improperly used. Or can cause damage when applied to the wrong surfaces. Certain products can even lead to harmful gases when mixed. Cause a chemical reaction, or create a list of environmental concerns.

Commercial cleaners are highly trained in the use of both professional cleaning products and equipment. These professionals are also prepared with the proper protective equipment.

Remove the risks, liabilities, and additional expenses of training your own janitorial staff. Instead, trust the expert help from our cleaning professionals, and only pay for the services you need. Reach out to Customized Custodial Services for regular cleaning services for your business.

Liabilities and Risks When Cleaning Your Own Business